Monday, April 23, 2012

#134 Lakshmana! go and get strong and good wood!

Book 2, Book of Ayodhya, AyodhyA kAnDa

Chapter 56, i.e. sarga 56

Verse 19 i.e. SlOka 19.


lakSmaNa Anaya dArUni

druiDhAni ca varANi ca

kuruSva Avasatham saumya

vAse me abhiratam manaha. || 2-56-19

CONTEXT: sItA-rAma-lakshmaNa on their forest trek, reached the hill 'citrakUT'. rAma found it beautiful. He wanted to live there for sometime.

Rama to LakshmaNa : "O gentle lakshmaNa! Bring strong and qualitative wood! Build a house. I am interested in living here."

Right words ought to have been: "Oh brother! We shall bring strong and qualitative wood and build a good home. We shall stay here for sometime".
Why I am expecting these words? : Everybody says that rAma was an ideal brother. Shouldn't an ideal brother share work?

Then, they should have taken two axes and proceeded with the work. Of course, they need not go far away, because they had to protect Sita. Or they should have taken along Sita also. When lakshmaNa was cutting the bamboos, trees and creepers, Rama should have carried the logs and leaves to the place where the thatched-hut was being erected.

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