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#135 Did they build World Trade Center or Burj Al Arab DubAI?


The term "housewarming" is descended literally from the act of warming a new house, in the days before central heating. Each guest would bring firewood, and build fires in all the available fireplaces, offering firewood as a gift. Aside from warming the house, this was also believed to repel evil spirits by creating a protective atmosphere of warmth. Uninhabited houses were considered targets for vagrant spirits, and therefore required a certain level of cleansing before a house was safe to be occupied by young children.

rAma's housewarming ceremony

At 2-56-19, our muni rAma asked his brother lakshmaNa to bring strong and quality wood and build a house.

2-56-20, 21: lakshmaNa built a leaf-hut.

2-56-22. rAma ordered lakshmaNa:

aiNEyam mAmsam aahruitya

SAlAm yakshyAmahe vayam

kartvyam vAstuSamanam

saumitre cirajiivabhihi.

It is the duty of persons who wish to live long to perform 'house-pacifying' ceremony, on entering a house. Hence, we shall worship the home. O LakshmaNa! Bring the meat of an antelope.

2-56-23 rAma further said.

mrigam hatvA Anaya kshipram

lakshmaNEha shubhEkshaNa

kartavyaH SAstradrushTO hi

vidhir dharmam anusmara.

Oh auspicious visioned lakshmaNa! Remember our prescribed duty as per scriptures. Killing the antelope, quickly bring it.


LakshmaNa complied with brother's orders. Rama was again ordering now:


inEyam shrapayasvai

tachcchAlAm yakshyamahe vayam

tvara saumya muhuurto ayam

dhruvashcha divasoapyayam.

O soft-spoken brother! Boil this antelope. We shall worship this house (leaf-hut). Be quick because this day and this moment are very auspicious and important.


sa lakSmaNaha kRishNa mRigam hatvaa

medhyam patApavAn

atha cikshEpa saumitriHi

samiddhe jaata vedasi.

Then the strong LakshmaNa killing a BLACK ANTELOPE (krishna mrigam), threw it into burning fire.


Now, LakshmaNa made sure that the antelope got roasted properly, with no traces of blood, spoke to our muni rAma whom our vAlmIki calls 'tiger among men'.

tam tu pakvam samaagnAya

nishtaptam chinna shONitam

lakShmaNaH puruSha vyaaghram

atha rAghavam abraviit.


ayam kRishNaH samApta angaH

shRitaH kRiSNa mRigo yathA

devatA deva samkASa

yajasva kuSalo hi asi.

This black antelope has been completely cooked by me in all its entirety. Oh resembler of God! Adept you are in it, worship the Gods!


Virtuous and skillful meditator rAma, completing his bath, disciplining himself, chanted all the sacred scripts for that purificatory ceremony.

rAmaH snAtvA tu niyataH

guNavAn japya kovidaha

samgrahENa akarot sarvAn

mantran SatrAvasAnikAn.


RESPLENDENT rAma was immensely happy, having worshipped all the troops of Gods, and entering the house (leaf-hut) after bathing.

iSTvA dEvagaNAn sarvAn

vivesha Avasatham shucihi

babhuUa ca manohlAdo



ybrems 1

rAma was immensely happy. But the black antelope, which was thrown into the fire, had its unforeseen end, in the hands of a person, whom the poet vAlmiki called 'great liberator'. What would have been the fate of the mate of the black antelope? love-lorn and miserable?

An auspicious day for the 'ideal hero of vAlmiki' ended up as an inasupicious day for the antelope's mate.

If just for a leaf-hut, if rAma would throw a black antelope into fire, if rAma were the owner of some World Trade Center or Sears Towers, what would he have thrown into fire!

ybrems 2
What would have happened if rAmA had not worshipped the Gods with the blood of the black antelope? Would he have failed in killing rAvaNa?

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