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146 Worry about Sita's breasts - hips and thighs in the midst of a billion army

Volume 6 Book of war i.e. yuddha kANDa
Chapter 5,i.e. sarga 5.
Verse 10 i.e. SlOka 10.
bahv etat kAmayAnasya
Sakyam etena jIvitum
yad aham sA ca vAma uurur
ekAm dharaNim Ashritau.

kadA tu khalu susshoNIm
Sata patra Ayata IkSaNAm
vijitya SatrUn drakSyAmi
SItAm sphItaam iva shriyam.

tau tasyAha samhatau pInau
stanau tALa phala upamau
kadA nu khalu sa utkampau
hasantyA mAm bhajiSyataH.

hanumAn returned from lanka, with the news of Sita's survival as hostaage in lanka. rAma, lakshmaNa, sugrIva, hanumAn, angada and a billion of vAnara of army reach the seashore. They have to build a bridge across the Sea to reach lanka.

What should have been the mind of rAma, engaged in?

The entire chapter No. 5 of the Vol. 6 were dedicated by poet vAlmiki for the lamentations of rAma for union with SIta. The chapter has 23 verses. The last verse No. 23 mentions that lakshmaNa consoled rAma.

Approximate gist of verse 10: kAmayAnasya (Passionate or desire-filled) I and Sita with her charming thighs are resting on the same Earth. (Though we are separated, we are joined by Earth). It will be enough.

Approx. gist of verse 11: When will I behold the lotus-eyed Sita of great hips, defeating the enemies?

Approx. gist of verse 14: When will the pInau (bulging), sOtkampau (quivering/vibrating/gyrating) and palm-fruit like breasts of Sita touch me?

Rem 1: The scholar of three vEdAs -hanumAn carried rAma, over his shoulders all the distance from kishkindha to the Sea (it can be anything from 10 km. to 2000 kms. depending on the location of kishkindha in India, and the sea-shore adjoining lanka ( may be Sri Lanka or some other island). angada carried lakshmaNa over his shoulders. Everybody else walked. There was no mention of chariots or horses or elephants or mules. That means, everybody might have been damn tired. Even sitting on shoulders for 2000 kms. is not an easy job. rAma and lakshmaNa too might have been tired, albeit somewhat less tired than hanuman and angada. Then what should have been the thoughts of rAma? Sita's thighs? Hips? Palm-fruit breasts? An ordinary person may think about breasts, hips and thighs, ignoring the context-place-time-duty. How can a great ideal person can indulge in such thoughts irrelevant to the task of building a causeway to cross the sea?

ybrem 2
Did rAma keep this love for ever?

*See my post Nos. 44, 48 and 49. Rama asked Sita to select anybody she liked - bharata/lakshmaNa/ Satrughna / sugrIva / vibhIshaNa.
rAma asked her to go in any of the 10 directions.
6-115-22 and 23
tadadya vyaahritam bhadree
mayaitat kritabuddhinaa
Lakshman`ee vaa tha Bharate
kuru buddhim yathaa sukham (22)

Shatrughne vaa tha Sugriivee
raakshase vaa Vibhiishan`ee
niveshaya manaha Siitee
yathaa vaa sukha maatmanaha (23)

If sIta had gone in any of the ten directions or chose anybody among bharata , lakshmaNa , Satrughna, sugrIva, vibhIshaNa, what would rAma have done? Would he have again worried about her breasts, hips and thighs?

Instead of following rAma's advice, sIta entered the test of fire and came back safe. She restored her breasts, hips and thighs to rAma. But did he keep them?

See the uttara kANDA! He sent spies all over the ayOdhya kingdom to check up what people were thinking about sIta, bharata, and kaikEyI. One washerman, under influence of liquor, talked in a derisive manner. The intelligence sleuth informed rAma about the washerman.

rAma immediately without giving any opportunity to pregnant Sita to explain her side of things, or without at least consulting his guru vasiShTha asked lakshmaNa to dump her in the forest.

After dumping sIta in forest, rAma again spent sleepless nights lamenting for SIta. I am not sure whether he again worried about SItA's breasts, hips and thighs.

What Sage vAlmiki wrote thousands of years back, in his environment, might have been perfectly justified in the context of those days. Hence, we cannot find fault with rAma or vAlmiki.

At the same time, we hear every day in India temple preachers/bureaucrats/politicians/fake monks asking youth to to become abhinava rAmas and lakshmaNas and bharatas (modern rAmAs, lakshmaNAs and bharatAs). Of course, youth will not bother. They will want to become Sharukh Khans or Salman Khans.

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