Friday, January 04, 2013

#187 Madhya Minister quoted a non-existing lakshmaNa rEkhA

"... Only when Sitaji crossed the Lakshman rekha, she was kidnapped by Ravan...If Sitaji (woman) crosses the Lakshman rekha, then 'Sitaharan' (crime against them) is bound to take place as Ravans are out there, ...
"When people cross their limitations, deterioration is bound to happen. It applies to everyone in the society, men or women,"
The above two statements were said to have been made by Madhya Pradesh Minister Mr. Kailash Vijayawargia, on the 4th Jan. 2013. He was said to have withdrawn his remarks later, stating that he was misquoted.

Whether the above statements hold good or withdrawn or misquoted, it will be apt for us to note that vAlmiki rAmayaNa does not mention anything about lakshmaNa rEkha (the line drawn by rAmA's brother lakshmaNa, advising SItA, not to cross that line, till he returned to the hermitage.
VAlmIki rAmAyaN, book 3, (AraNya kANDa or book of forests) , sarga 29 - chapter 49, deals with abduction of SIta by rAvaNa at panchavaTi. The chapter has 40 verses. The chapter starts rAvaNa's self-praise. Ends with jaTAyu seeing the abduction of SItA by rAvaNa.
Chapter 45 describes the scene of lakshmana, folding his palms before Sita, and moving away, as he was unable to bear her harsh criticism for not going to rescue his brother.

taam aarta ruupaam vimanaa rudantiim
saumitriH aalokya vishaala netraam
aashvaasayaamaasa na caiva bhartuH
tam bhraataram ki.mcit uvaaca siitaa. 3.45.40.
tataH tu siitaam abhivaadya lakSmaNaH
kRita anjaliH kimcid abhipraNamya
avekSamaaNo bahushaH sa maithiliim
jagaama raamasya samiipam aatmavaan .
These verses show that lakshmaNa just moved away from SItA looking at her again and again with folded hands. There was no lakshmaNa rEkha (line drawn by lakshmaNa, limiting the movement of SItA).
When there was no line, where was the question of SItA crossing the line? The story of lakshmaNa rEkhA is in legends.

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