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126 Why SitA navami (Sita's birth day) is not celebrated? सीता माता की जन्म दिन क्यों जनता नहीं सेलब्रेट कर्ते ? సీత జన్మ దినాన్ని ప్రజలు ఎందుకు పండుగగా చేసుకోరు ?

Sita, the feminine protagonist of rAmAyana deserved greater veneration, than what she gets today from the followers of Hinduism. Rama's birthday is celebrated on the 9th day of the first fortnight of the lunar month 'caitram' (Approximately April). Many States in India declare rAm navami as a holiday for Government Offices. Several temples celebrate rama's birthday with great fanfare. bhadrAcalam Temple, Andhra Pradesh earns great income from the celebrations of rama's birth day.

Astronomical notes: The lunar month 'caitram' gets its name from the star 'citta'. Its equivalent modern name is: spica (Alpha virgo). Moon will appear to be very near to this star on the full-moon day of caitram.

Sita's birthday falls on the 9th day of the first fortnight of the lunar month 'vaisAkha' (Approx. May).

Astronomical notes: The lunar month 'vaiSAkh' gets its name from the star 'viSAkha'. Modern equivalent: Alpha libra. On the full-moon day of the lunar month 'vaiSAkham', moon will appear to be very near to the star Alpha libra.

Why Sita's birthday is not celebrated? How many Indians know the date of Sita's birthyday? Even the RSS and VHP stalwarts may not bother to celebrate.

Answers: 1. Male domination.

Once I found a question in an American website: Why God is male?

Hinduism is slightly one step ahead of other religions. It attaches great value to mother Goddesses. There are thousand names for the Mother Goddess (lalitA sahasra nAmams). There are separate temples for the Mother Goddesses. 9 day festival, navarAtri - durga pUjA is celebrated.

Some people MASCULINED this mother Goddess festival dussehra, by adding things like rAm lIla, and vijaya daSami (in meaning of vijaya= arjuna).

Thus the problem of male domination, though of a lesser degree than of Europe, in nominating "God" remains, which seems to be a result of Indo-European invasion from Germany-Norway-Sweden. But even in North Europe, Latvia worshipped 14 mAte including lakme mAta, before its invasion by rOman Catholicism. If Nordics (Hitler called his Nation Aryan) invaded India and introduced their culture in India, Roman Catholic invaders from France and Rome, wiped out the Indo-European Culture in Northern Europe.

Thus, this whole earth is full of invasions, not only military, but also cultural.


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