Thursday, March 25, 2010


Shri balaji said...
Why dont u dare to talk about Quran and Bible why do u talk only about Hinduism..U cannot read bible when it crosses 100 pages do u know read it if u can.. why dont u speak about that If u have the real guts my friend..dont jus speak about one religion if ur idealogy is common then apply to all religions if u are speaking only about hinduism then ur idealogy is not common its only a Anti-Hindu idealogy do u understand..

*I am a born Hindu.
*I have not left Hinduism.
*I have not left Hinduism because other religions too have their own shortcomings. Changing a religion is like dropping a stone from your back and loading it with another stone.
*Hinduism evolved over Centuries with discussions on philosophical matters. It is not a religion preached by one man.

*One can criticise one's own religion. -- A person has a duty and a right to clean his own house. This right and duty have a boundary: This is to be done without hurting the sentiments of others of the same religion. I believe that I am doing my duty and exercising my rights within these limits.

*We cannot keep our homes dirty, because others are keeping their houses dirty.

*One can criticize other religions only to the extent permitted by the other religions.

*Studying Hindu philosophy itself takes several years.

*I have not studied in depth the philosophies and theologies of other religions.

*The practitioners and scholars of other religions have a duty and right to check up their religions as to whether they contain cruel and inhuman elements such as burqa. The Governments of the respective countries have a duty and right to correct the malpractices prevailing in their countries.

*Others can also help in the process, if there is a tolerant climate.

I have to add something more to this reply. I shall do it shortly.


Ravi Mundkur said...

Excellent Reply!

balaji said...

Hii brother I understand that u need clarification and your knowledge in sanskrit is really great I have never seen such a person who has done so much of work to understand the meaning of each sloka.I want to tell u one thing as u know hinduism is religion where we have multiple gods the same way we have multiple religions.A hindu accepts any form of god(even gods from other religions) because his mind is so open and he understands all paths leads to same point.As u say every one needs to clarify their own religion why dont u clarify other religions too.Because when we seek clarification in our religion the other religious people(After seeing our pro's and con's about our religion) may think as if their religion is doing the right thing.They may even spread wrong words about our religion without knowing it the end this may pave the way for creating a bad name against hinduism.Please try to understand and think about this point.Sorry If I have been harsh in my previous comments.

M G Hariharan said...

Hinduism is the only religion which transfers complicated Philosophy's in story form. The proof of the pudding is in eating it. Hindus behavior if you compare with muslims in Pakistan shows Indians have understood the religious teachings and are practicing it. Sikhs were fighting for self rule and killing 4 hindus daily. Now see how we solved these problems. same fate awaits kashmiris. It of course takes time. You don’t have to read and get confused. Ofcourse you can read and understand. Many slokas in Upanishads say God is not the one you are praying to. Which religion will come out with this sort of statement. So for those who are interested reading with open mind will lead to many answers.

raj said...

Atheist can make fun of any religion/scripture as almost all religions are based on belief that GOD exists.There is no end of logic,as true devotee of GOD Ram can justify all his actions and people like you can do vice-versa. If you do not believe in God , you are not hindu by religion.So you have equal right to comment on other religions by which atleast it will be proved that you are not coward.