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133 SItA - This piece is edible; this piece is delicious; this piece is well barbequed

Vol. 2, Book of rAma's life at ayOdhya i.e ayOdhyA kAnDa, Chapter 96, Verse 1.


tAm tathA darshayitvA

tu maithilIM girinimnagAm

niShasAda giriprasthe siitAM

mAMsEna chandayan .


idam medhyam idaM svaadu

niSTaptam idam agninaa

evam Aste sa dharmAtmaa

siitayA saha rAghavaha.

CONTEXT: sItA-rAma-lakshmaNa, just entered the forest on their exile. They were at the citrakUT hills in madhya pradesh State of India. RAma showed the local river mandAkini (not to be confused with main mandAkini i.e. river Ganga). They sat on the hillside later. rAma wanted to make SItA happy by feeding her with meat.

"This (piece) is edible. This piece is delicious. This piece is roasted well on fire. " Saying thus, virtuous + righteous (dharmAtma) rAma stayed there.


1. I do not wish to repeatedly, as if I have no work, find fault with rAma and sIta for their meat- delectations. They are free to eat and relish whatever they want. The despicable thing about was: rAma told his mother kausalya, tribal king guha, sage bharadwaja and others that he would live like a muni, on fruits and tubers. The very next day he broke his pledge. And this rAma we call truthful.

2. The barbeque and grilling meat job would have exhausted lakshmaNa. He lost his opportunity to delight his own wife Urmila, saying "This piece is edible. This piece is delicious. This piece is roasted well on fire." Did lakshmaNa hear, rAma telling these words to Sita? How distant, were the couple from the place lakshmaNa sat?

*Poor Sita didn't know that rAma would ask her to enter 'fire' and prove her chastity. She didn't know that she would be abandoned in the same danDaka forest without being informed of her 'guilt' and without pitying her being pregnant. She was happy tasting the grilled roasted meat.

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