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#101/#001B - Replies to comments of Shri M.S. Rajanikanth - Madanapalli - Andhra Pradesh

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rajanikanth m said...
great work out. if you don't mind, the modern science has identified an illness called "psyco". if your father breaths, do u feel he is breathing all the air u r supposed to breath.

I have some questions :

what is ur age?

from which fool you learned sanskrit?

if u feel wrong with my questions, i'm sincerelt "NO SORRY" to you.

your sanskrit and psycological thinking is not upto standards of atleast reading ramayana. how can you make a comment on it?

you are thinking like educated brutes like :

i'm sorry to them,

madhvacharya, ramanujacharya...

i'm sorry friend,

you better think about ur capacity of thinking and ur grand, fore father's capacity of thinking.

the question of thinking is not how speed u think, how many ways you think.the question of thinking is how perfect you think.

i hope the one who taught you sanskrit, has taught you only reading it but not understanding it !!!

(At post No. #059)

dear scientific friend, i just come across the ur blog once and found something wrong with you.

pls, if u r intrested, u mail me once at

ur blog is good. it is good for a fellow who tries to research the researched thing. it is no way matches for a research. this research in researched things will obviously mislead u. this mislead of u misleads the oher people who visits. lets us not talk about so called professors who work with evidences. they can look at evidence and at understand evidence. so my personal opinion let me not look for evidences let me understand them. if u feel like, u can visit my community 'sanathana' at orkut.

rajanikanth m.s.

About your comments on my personal qualities : Pl. do not be so angry like Rama. I am not mighty Samudra. I am a small man. I respect your right to express your opinion.
About Valmiki Ramayana : We are trying to present the contents of Ramayana which the temple priests and preachers deliberately hide because they are unpalatable to them.

I invite you to present the correct translation of the verses and your side of interpretations.
Kausalya stabbing the sacrificial horse three times, with "parama mudam". What is your translation of this phrase? Why should she be so glad to stab the horse three times?

Dasaratha inhaling the burning fat fumes of the killed horse.

Dasaratha gifting his wives to the Priests.

Rama killing Sambuka because he was performing penance.

Kite telling that Brahmins were born from head and Sudras were born from feet.

Are these not the contents of the Valmiki Ramayana?
What these have go to do with my Sanskrit knowledge?
Can you hide them or change their meaning because you have a greater knowledge of Sanskrit?
I have checked the gists written by me with translations made by reputed scholars and Ramayana lovers.

A religion becomes great by acknowledging its errors and rectifying them. A religion which refuses to reform itself will languish in superstitions and bigotry. For this reason only , we find burqa clad women everywhere and nobody knows when a husband will bring another woman into the household. The husband is not even bound to maintain his wife. The Elders will be happy if the dower or the meher is refunded.

If you have specific questions kindly see the 100 posts here just to check whether I have already covered them and write more comments. I shall reply using either evidence from Valmiki Ramayana or common sense.

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