Saturday, May 29, 2010

#100 Sita - Kaikeyi wants me to die!

Book 3 - Book of Forest
Chapter 62 - Sarga 62
Verse 9 - Slooka 9

Haa mama aarye kva yaataa asi
haa saadhvi vara varanin`i
haa sa kaamaa adya Kaikeyii
devi me adya bhavishyati.

Rama was in forest. The demon king Ravana abducted Sita. Rama was searsching for his wife and lamenting. This verse is addessed to Sita.

Oh venerable Lady! Where were you gone? Oh chaste Lady! Oh the best Lady! That wish of Kaikeeyi will now be fulfilled.

*Here, we can get a clue whether Rama regarded his step Mother Kaikeyi as a friend or foe. This verse is clear that Rama was aware that Kaikeeyi wanted him to die. (Kaikeyi's idea in sending Rama to a 14 year exile of forest, was in an expectation that he would die in the forest). Rama knew Kaikeyi's plan and here Rama lamented that he would die unable to bear the separation from Sita and Kaikeyi's wish would be fulfilled.

*This shows clearly that Rama's exile was not altogether voluntary. He had to leave to save his life or else get killed by Kaikeyi's brother or father. A thing done under compulsion out of a palace intrigue , does not become a sacrifice.

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vitahavya said...

possibly. this humanises rama and enhances his strature and makes ramayana more readable more human. your comment enhances the value.story of rama.ramayana rather than diminises it.