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#079, Why Rama does not ask Lakshmana to come with family?

2-31-36, SANSKRIT Verse:
Raamaha tu anujeena vaakyeena
supriitaha pratyuvaaca tam
vraja aapruicchasva Saumitree
sarvam eva suhruj janam.

Rama was getting ready to go to forests. Lakshmana insisted on accompanying Rama. Rama was pleased.

Rama, pleased with his brothers words, asked him to take leave of his (L’s) friends.

*Rama did not ask Lakshmana to take leave of his (L’s) wife Urmila. Strangely, in verse No 30 we find that he took leave of his friends. Valmiki does not say anything about Lakshmana discussing the question of leaving for forest with his wife.

Sa suhruj janam aamantrya vana vaasaaya nishcitaha
ikshvaaku gurum aamantrya jagraaha aayudham uttamam.

Lakshmana after taking leave of friends, went to their preceptor and brought the great weapons asked by Rama.

*DID Lakshmana forget his wife? If he wanted to dedicate himself to the service of his brother, he should not have married at all. Why spoil the life of Urmila?

(Villagers who sing folk songs designed a special story called Urmila’s sleep. Urmila insisted upon accompanying Lakshmana to forests. Lakshmana did not want his service to Rama disrupted. He made Urmila to sleep for 14 years day and night, so that she does not have any pain of parting with her husband. Valmiki did not have that courtesy.)

*Rama was worried about the safety of his mother Kausalya, and Lakshmana's mother Sumitra. Why did not he bother about the safety of Lakshmana's wife Urmila?
*Rama denied the pleasures of marital conjugation and intercourse both to Lakshmana and Urmila. Rama and Sita enjoyed these abundantly during the 13 years of their exile. Exception, the 14th year when Sita was in Lanka..
*If Lakshmana came with his family, the two couples would have had a merrier forest life. Rama made Lakshmana's life barren, by making him to stand before him and his wife (Rama & Sita) with folded hands!
*Rama is presented by temple preachers as a great model of fraternal love!


Balasankar said...

*Rama denied the pleasures of marital conjugation and intercourse both to Lakshmana and Sumitra.
It should be Lakshmana and Urmila and Sumitra as mentioned above.


Balasankar said...


It should be Lakshmana and Urmila and not Sumitra as mentioned above.

Multisubj Yb TruthSeeker said...

Shri Balasankar garu, thank you for pointing out the error. I have corrected in the post. Could pl. check up, when you find time?

Multisubj Yb TruthSeeker said...

Correction: Could you please checkup, when you find time?