Sunday, June 08, 2008

#078, Bharata will not remember Kausalya and Sumitra!

2-31-14, SANSKRIT Verse
Na smarishyati Kausalyaam
Sumitraam ca suduhkhitaam
Bharatoo raajyamaasaadya
Kaikeeyyaam paryavasthitaha.

Rama was discouraging Lakshmana from accompanying him to forest; Rama wants Lakshmana to protect Kausalya and Sumitra, because Bharata cannot be relied upon.

Bharata after getting the kingdom will take interest in his own mother Kaikeeyi and will not remember the grieving Kausalya and Sumitra.

As Rama did not have confidence in Bharata, he wanted Lakshmana to stay in the City. It is very clear from this, that there is an intrigue and crisis in the gynaecium.

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