Sunday, June 08, 2008

#080, Lakshmana- Kaikeeyi will not look after Kausalya and Sumitra

2-31-13 Sanskrit Verse
Saa hi raajyam idam praapya
nrupasya As`va pateehe sutaa
duhkhitaanaam sapatniinaam
na karishyati s`oobhanam

Asvapateehe sutaa = Daughter of the King Asvapati i.e. Kaikeeyi.
Sapatnii = co-wife.
Na karishyati soobhanam = Will not do good.

Rama was speaking to Lakshmana before going to forest. He was trying to convince Lakshmana to stay at Ayodhya and look after Kausalya and Sumitra.

Kaikeeyi (daughter of Asvapati) after getting the kingdom will not do good to the grieving step-wives (she will not treat them well).

*Rama though outwardly declared his obeisance to his step mother Kaikeeyi, in reality he did not believe her in his conscience. He wanted Lakshmana to stay in the city and protect Rama’s mother Kausalya and Lakshmana’s mother Sumitra.
*If the above derivation is incorrect, he must have been speaking just to suit the occasion, like today's politicians.

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