Sunday, June 08, 2008

#077, Dead deer on Rama's shoulders

3-44-27 Sanskrit Verse
Nihatya prushatam ca anyam
maamsam aadaaya raaghavaha
tvaramaan`o janasthaanam
sasaara abhimukhaha tadaa.

Having killed another spotted deer, and collected the flesh, Rama quickly proceeded towards his dwelling place.

*Imagine a dead deer or its meat packed in a leather pouch on Rama's shoulders! In the incarnation of tortoise (Kurma avataram) he was carrying a great hill on his back! In his incarnation of a hog (Varaha avataram) he held the Earth on his beek! What a fate! The protector of the whole world carrying a dead deer on his shoulders!

*When the demon Maaricha died, crying 'Lakshmana! Sita!, since Rama detected that a mischief was played, Rama should have gone home immediately. He wasted his time hunting for another spotted deer.
*Was this the way in which a muni (sage) should live?

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