Saturday, June 07, 2008

#076, Archers of Ayodhya do not kill fleeing animals, but Rama will kill!


1-5-20 SANSKRIT:
ye ca baan`aih na vidhyanti viviktam aparaa param
shabda veedhyam cha vitatam laghu hastaa vishaaradaaha.

Description of the city of Ayodhya. This verse describes the archers of Ayodhya.

The archers of Ayodhya do not kill creatures which do not have a parent or child (predecessor or successor). They also do not kill creatures using sonic-archery or fleeing animals.

CRITICAL REMARKS: If the archers of Ayodhya followed such sympathetic principle (allowing every animal to continue its clan. If a lone animal without a predecessor or a successor is killed its clan ends), its great. It is a question of guess: ‘how they knew in respect of each animal whether it has a predecessor or successor.’

While the archers followed such kind practice, Rama chased the golden deer though it is a lone animal, just to satisfy the desire of Sita. It was also a fleeing animal. After finding that the golden deer was a demon, he killed another demon. Rama does not seem to have any inhibitions like predecessor or successor.

*Rama will kill Vali from behind and justify it by saying both moving and resting animals can be killed!

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