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165 Did rAma use his Creator's Weapon on sundry animals?

Vol. 6, Chapter 108, Verse 9
Book of War (yuddha kanDa), sarga 108, SlOka 9.

dvArANAM parighANAM
cha giriiNAM chApi bhedanam
nAnArudhira digdhAngam
medOdigdhaM sudAruNam .

Battleground between the protagonist rAma and the antagonist rAvaNa.
Last stage.
rAma used Creator's Weapon (brahmAstra) on rAvaNa.

11 verses from 6-198-5 to 15 describe the arrow. Above verse 9 has some adjectives for the weapon.
1. The arrow broke gates, iron bars.
2. The arrow pierced through hills.
3. The arrow has smears of blood of numerous animals killed by it. (nAnA rudhira digdhAngam).
4. The arrow has smears of fat and marrow of the killed animals.
5. The arrow has a frightening appearance.

*Breaking gates, iron bars, piercing through hills -- are all fantasies.
*How many times did rAma use the arrow? The Creator's Shaft was supposed to be used only in rarest of the rarest and the deadliest of the deadliest situations. Here, the weapon is having blood, fat and marrow marks of numerous animals.
*Did rAma use the arrow against small fries like rabbits, deer, wild pigs?
*Didn't rAma have the time to cleanse it or wash it with water at least once, because the weapon was considered to be sacred?
*The arrow was said to have been given by Sage Agastya to rAma, to enable him slay rAvaNa. Did Agastya or his predecessors use it to kill sundry animals?

ybrem 2
At Vol 3 Chapter 12 verse 1, rAma, lakshmaNa and SIta visited agastya's hermitage during their forest exile. The hermitage was supposed to be north of gOdAvari river in madhya pradEsh State or chattIsgadh State, because they (SRLakshmaNa) reached pancavaTi and GodAvari travelling south on agastya's advice.

If Sage agastya was to bestow the Creator's Weapon brahmAstra to rAma just before the war, the battleground should have been in the vicinity of Sage agastya's hermitage. In other words, it must be in Central India or jhArkhand. It cannot be in Tamil nADu or kEraLa, so as to be accessible to Sri lanka. If we accept this logic, Jabbalpur, panAgarh, mayhAr, amarkAntak, chindwAra, sAgar, kaTni, bAndhavgharh and many more places in the Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, and jhArkhanD States perfectly establish themselves as the venues of rAma-rAvaNa war. We have to forget Sri lanka and rAma sEtu.

So, summary for this post: Did agastya or rAma ever wash /cleanse the brahmAstra? Or were they carrying it on their shoulders with all the smears of blood and fat? Does power, sacredness, and slime all go hand in hand?

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