Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#148 How do elephants know that women are fickle?

Vol. 6, Book of War between rAma and rAvaNa, i.e. yuddha kAnDa.
Chapter 16 i.e. sarga 16.
Verse 9 i.e. SlOka9.
vidyate goSu sampannam
vidyate gnAtito bhayam
vidyate strIshu cApalyam
vidyate tapaha brAhmaNa

rAvaNa (villain), abducted rAma's (protagonist's) wife sItA.
rAma started with an army to capture lanka and was on the sea shore.

rAvaNa's younger brother was vibhIshaNa.
vibhIshaNa gave an unpalatable advice to rAvaNa.
rAvaNa rebuked vibhIshaNa.

rAvaNa said: rAvaNa used 16 verses of this 27 verse chapter No. 16, for rebuking his brother. At 6-16-6, he refers to some maxims heard by him from a herd of elephants, who saw hunters with nooses in their hands. The elephants said that they were not afraid of the hunters. But they were afraid of their own kinsmen (elephant fraternity).

In this verse No. 9, elephants announced that cows had prosperity; kinsmen feared one another; women had fickleness; priests had austerity.

Who told the elephants that women were fickle? that priests had austerity?

Ans: Priests might have told the elephants.

Did rAvaNa know the language of elephants?

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