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#125 Where was Sage Agastya's hermitage?

Book 3. Book of Forest Exile of rAma. Called araNya kAnDa.
Sarga 13 i.e. chapter 13.
SlOka 13 i.e. verse 13.
Hence 3-13-13.
ito dvi yOjane tAta
bahu muula phala udakaH
desho bahu mrigaH shriimaan
pancavaTi abhivishrutaH.

Sage agastya was advising SIta-rAma-lakshmaNas who visited his hermiTage. Rama wanted to know from the Sage, a good place to settle down. Agastya suggested pancavaTi which was two yOjanas (16 km.) distant from his hermitage.

1. bhanDardhAra, Akola, pravara river, Ahmadnagar District, MaharAshtra State.

This is 70 km. from nAsik.

2. pimparnAr, 16 km. North of nAsik, nAsik Dt., MaharAshTra State.

3. puducherry (Pondicherry):
Legend has it that the sage Agastya established his Ashram here and the place was known as Agastiswaram. An inscription found near the Vedhapuriswara Temple hints at the credibility of this legend. See the link:

4. agastya muni ashram sthal in rAjasthan. See this link:


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