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#129 Where was Agastya's hermitage?

Vol. 1, Book of Childhood of rAma, bAla kAnDa,
Chapter 25 i.e. sarga 25
Verse 10 i.e. SlOka 10,
hence: 1-25-10
sunde tu nihate rAma
sA agastyam ruiSi sattamam
tATakaa saha putrENa
pradharSayitum icChati

Sage viSvAmitra was narrating the story of Demoness 'tATaka' to Princes rAma and lakshmaNa, near the place where she was killed.

This place as per tradition is in U.P.-Bihar border, on the bIhar side, among balliya town, caprA town and the buxar Town.

Demoness tATaka's husband sunda was killed by Sage agastya, when sunda tried to devor agastya, moving in his vicinity.

Most movements in those days were by foot or by bullock-carts. Agastya's moving near tATaka's and sunda's forest dwelling was possible only if agastya lived within walking distance say a radius of 100 km.

4-45-6 kishkindha kAnDa

tArA angadAdi sahitaH
plavagaH pavanaatmajaH
agastya caritaam Ashaam
dakSiNaam hari yUthapaH.

Under directions of the vAnara king sugrIva, the Minister hanumAn, Crown Prince angada went in search of SIta, south-ward i.e. the direction in which Sage Agastya moved.

We have already seen in one of our blog posts,that vindhyA Mountains of rAma's exile were probably mIrzapur, in U.P. Area south to Mirzapur, will have to be the area trodden by Sage Agastya. As Mirzapur itself is to the South of Balliya-Chapra tATaka garden, we can say that rAma and lakshmaNa did not visit Agastya's hermitage in MaharAshTra/Madhya Pradesh/Chattisgarh. This agastya's hermitage is very much in ballia-chapra-buxar-mirzapur area.

Vol. 6, Book of War i.e. yuddha kAnDa
Chapter 123, i.e. sarga 123,
Verse 46, i.e. SlOka 46, hence

eShaa godAvarI ramyA
prasannasalilA shivaa
agastyasyAshramo hyeSha
drishyate kadalIvrutaha.

Rama slayed rAvana. rAma, lakshmaNa, SItA and vAnaras were returning in the 'pushpaka' aircraft. Rama showed Sita, various places, from the sky. Agastya's hermitage, gOdAvari river, were among them.

Air Travel of SiTA rAma lakshmaNas and the millions of vAnarAs was a fantasy. rAvaNa's pushpakam was only a donkey-driven cart.


sa ca maayAmayo divyaH
khara yuktaH khara svanaH
pratyadrishyata hemAngo
rAvaNasya mahArathaH.

RavaNa was abducting SIta in his chariot. Its description was the above verse. Poet vAlmiki was very clear that rAvaNa's chariot was driven by 'khara' i.e. donkeys. An aircraft cannot be driven by donkeys, even on its land journey. khara yuktaha = yoked with donkeys. khara svanaha = the donkeys were braying.

It was absolutely impossible that rAma,sItA, lakshmaNa and hundreds of thousands of monkeys would ahve travelled on this aircraft. They might have used a number of donkey-carts to travel from lanka to ayodhya. Both were nearby and were accessible by bullock/donkey/horse carts. One place cannot be in far North and another cannot be in deep South. Both lanka and ayOdhya must be around the balliya-cApra-buxar-gaya-paTna-bhagalpur belt.

Of course, rAma might have showed agastya's hermitage to Sita, from the carts.

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