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#130 Rama - be ready for the barbequed and grilled fish

Vol. 3, Book of Forests i.e. AraNya kAnDA.
Chapter 73, i.e sarga 73.
Verses 14 to 16, i.e. SlOkAs 14 to 16.
Hence 3-73-14 to 16.
rohitAn vakra tuNDAn
ca nala mInAn ca rAghava
pampAyAm ishubhiH matsyAn
tatra rAma varAn hatAn
nistvak pakshAn ayasataptAn
akR^ishAn naikakaNTakAn
tava bhaktyA samAyukto
lakshmaNaH sampradAsyati
bhR^isham tAn khAdato matsyAn
pampAyAH pushpa sancaye.

Demon rAvaNa abducted Sita. Misery-stricken rAma and lakshmaNa were moving in the forest asking every plant, hill, and tree, to tell the whereabouts of SItA.

Between pancavaTi and kishkindha, they found a celestial being turned into an accursed limbless demon called 'kabandha'. Before he could devor them, they slayed him, and from his dead body, emerged the original celestial being with 'halo' and gold ornaments.

He advised rAma and lakshmaNa to proceed to 'pampa' river and 'rishyamUka' hill, where they can get help of vAnara king sugrIva for searching SIta.

kabandha was describing the beauty of the 'pampa' river. It was plenty of aquatic food. kabandha was asking rAma to enjoy them. The above verse describes the aqua food.

Lakshmana will grill for you with 'iron rods', the best among red-carp fishes(rOhitAn), snouted fish (vakra tunDAn), herrings and sprats (nala mInAn) in such a way that they are without scales, thorns, ensuring that they are soft-cooked. He will submit them to you with reverence.

ybrem 1
The celestial-turned-demon, halo-wearing kabandha may not be aware that rAma pledged to live like a muni, suriving on fruits and tubers. Hence he was advising rAma to go to pampa and taste the aqua food.

What should have been rAma's reply?

As he promised to many others earlier -kausalya, guha, bharadwAja, jAbali, "I have an oath to live like a sage eating only fruits and tubers. Pl. do not try to entice or tempt me, O celestial!

Rama, may be under misery of losing Sita, had proceeded to Pampa, following kabandhA's advice. Did lakshmaNa did the work of hunting fish and grilling at pampa?

We can't say anything.

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