Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Are you a sickman?

I respect your opinion. I am a sickman.

Yet, please reassess: Can a queen be asked to sleep with a dead horse (of course, without any sexual act)? Can a queen be asked to stab a horse three times, albeit with a gold knife?

I, might have, probably become a sickman after reading from Valmiki Ramayana, that Dasaratha felt that his kilbisham (sin) was cleansed after smelling the fumes from the burning fat of the slain horse in the asvametha yagna. Will sins go away by smelling smoke from burning fat of a dead horse?

One common challenge I get from readers: Why don't you criticise Bible or Khoran?

A person normally sweeps his own house. He does not, ordinarily, sweep others' houses, even if they ask.

It is true that Christian missionaries are creating havoc in India, with their reckless criticism of Hindu Gods and scriptures. They are also indulging in reckless conversions. I personally believe that correct response for this will be: Hinduism has to cleanse itself, to remain strong. Rich Hindus must help the poor whether Hindus or otherwise. Conversions stop once the rich Hindus help the poor of all religions, at least the poor Hindus.

I personally support atheism and Marxism as on date. But I am not going to be an adamant and blind supporter for ever. We have, as truthseekers, to go in search of facts.

Hindus are at present busy with Cricket , Shirdi Sai Baba and what not?

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Anonymous said...

Sri Bhaskara Rao Garu,

I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. Do not be discouraged by the negative comments.