Monday, October 25, 2010

#103 RAMA - Bharata wanted the kingdoml

Verse No. 3-2-25
Book 3 , Book of Forest (Aranya Kanda), Verse 25 :

raajya kaame mama krodho
Bharate yo babhuuva ha
tam Viraadhe vimookshyaami
vajrii vajram iva achale

SRLs were in the forest. Rama and Lakshmana were slaying the demon Viradha. Lakshamana was swearing at Viradha.

I shall release that anger , which I bore towards Bharata when he wanted the kingdom, now towards the Viradha, like Indra releasing his weapon Vajra against the mountain.

*Did Bharat want the kingdom ? I am unable to trace any verse in Valmiki Ramayana , which clearly indicates that Bharata wanted the kingdom. Kaikeyi's plan reflected her desire.

*Why did Lakshmana nurse this belief that Bharata wanted the kingdom? Why was Lakshmana angry against Bharata , when it was Kaikeyi who did everything?

*We can find an indirect inference that the exile of SRLs was not voluntary. Rama concealed his feelings. Lakshmana was open.

*Lakshmana comparing himself with the Chief of Gods Indra, was somewhat audacious.


M G hariharaan said...

Lakshmana only says that anger which he had to Bharata he will release it now. Lakshmana did think that Bharata wanted Kingdom hence Kaikeyi asked Rama to go to forest though subsequent events showed Bharata never wanted. Lakshmana is very sensitive and still carries that anger and would like to release it now. Lakshmana’s character is portrayed as such in every case.

vitahavya said...

Lakshmana comparing himself with ....... audacious.

I don't think you have any background in literature despite your professed love for carnatic music. don't you understand any alankaras. I make this observed based not on this alone, but on several statements (sita's thighs, rama's vilaapam etc. etc.

pl remember ramayana is a kavyam; not a legal brief.