Saturday, October 30, 2010


The popular impression is that Ravana used the Pushpaka aircraft to take Sita to his Kingdom , Lanka.

The following verse shows that Ravana used a mule-driven cart to transport Sita from the banks of the Godavari River to Lanka.

Book 3, Chapter 64, Verse 46 and 47 3-64-46 3-64-47

Kaanchana urah chadaah ca imee
pis`aaca vadanaaha kharaaha
bhiima ruupaa mahaa kaayaaha
kasya vaa nihataa ran`ee.

Ravana abducted Sita. Rama and Lakshmana were searching for Sita in the forest. They found some signs of a fierce fight taking place, at a spot. Rama thought that it was a battle between two demons who abducted Sita.
This particular verse describes the remains of mules killed in the battle. They were pulling the chariot of Ravana.

These mules have breastplates covered with gold. These mules have ghostlike faces, frightening form and great bodies. These were killed by somebody in a battle.

Verse No. 50 which follows later shows that the charioteer was also killed in the fight.
*Lanka cannot be far away from Godavari River, if a woman living in a hermitage on its banks can be carried in mules-driven carts.

Mule carts hardly travel 40 km. per day. Sri Lanka is nearly 1500 km. from Godavari River. It would have been an arduous journey of around 50 days from Andhra Pradesh to Sri Lanka.

The bird said in verse No. 3-68-10 that when he was tired Ravana hacked his two wings and went southwards taking Sita with him. This verse does not say that Ravana went in an aircraft.


Sayooj Valsan said...

Vimana means Aircraft. And Yes it was an Aircraft.

Many depictions on war in Ramayana and Mahabharata are comparable to modern nuclear war.

Science is just discovering everything.

And For your information, Human walked on earth millions of years ago.

SriRam said...

@Sayooj Valsan
There's absolutely no evidence to what you are saying. Ramayana was Bronze Age Epic & Mahabharata belongs to Early Iron Age time.
Aircrafts/nuclear warfare 3000 years ago!!! Please read history man, donot believe in Fantasy.

Kudos..Good work