Wednesday, June 11, 2008

#093, Mother- I shall live like a sage eating roots and fruits and leaving meat

2-20-29, Sanskrit Verse
Ayodhya Kanda
Chapter 20
Caturdasha hi varshaan`i
vatsyaami vijanee vanee
madhu muula phalaihi jiivan
hitvaa munivad aamisham.

Rama went Kausalya's gynesium to seek her permission for the exile to the forest.
He was telling her, how he would live in the forest.

I shall live fourteen years in deserted forest like a sage, eating sweet roots and fruits and leaving meat.

*This promise was unnecessary. Dasaratha or Kaikeeyi did not ask him to live on roots and fruits.
*The very next day of entering the forest, Rama broke his promise.

CRITICAL REMARKS: Rama forgot his pledge to his mother. (Rama treats his mother as greater than the heaven). Where has gone his pledge?


ImmortalMan said...

Ok, he said that alrite, doesn't become a "pledge".

M G Hariharan said...

I am surprised at the comment Clear character of Rama is he does noy say untruth. Many people who think they are Rams Bhakthas think they can get away with such comments. 3 times in Ramayan Rama says he does not eat meat but immediately ,hardly 15 sloka away he kils and eats. Why did Valmiki writre so. Cannot be absentminded