Wednesday, June 11, 2008

#092, Priests cooking horse's fat

1-14-36, Sanskrit verse
Bala Kanda
Chapter 14
Patatrin`aha tasya vapaam
uddhruitya niyateendriyaha
ruitvik parama sampannaha
s`rapayaamaasa s`aastrataha.

Dasaratha was performing a horse sacrifice to cleanse his sins, before starting Putra Kaamesht`hi to beget children. As a part of the Asvameetha Sacrifice, the sacrificial horse was stabbed with a golden knife three times by the queen. The fat of the dead horse was cooked by the priests.

The very rich (parama sampannaha) priests, with controlled senses, cooked the fat of the fallen horse.

*The priests may be "very rich" in the knowledge of scriptures or literally rich.
*Why control senses while cooking a horse's fat?

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