Saturday, August 11, 2007

#024 Deer available?

3-13-13 Sanskrit Verse
Ito dvi yoojanee taata
bahu muula phala udakaha
Dees`oo bahu mrigaaha Shriimaan!
Pancavat`i abhivis`rutaha.

CONTEXT: Rama was in the forest, at the hermitage of the sage Agastya. Rama asked for a good place to reside. Agastya advised him to proceed to Panchavat`i.

Agastya said: "Oh Prosperous! Two yoojanayas (about 20 km.) from here, there is a place which is full of tubors, fruits, water and many deer. Panchavati is very reputed."

Availability of "deer" is very important. It is the staple food of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. Nowhere in the books of forest and the Kishkindha during exile, we find the three eating fruits and tubors on their own. They ate fruits and tubors only when offered by sages. They ate a staple diet of deer, when dining on their own. Nowhere Valmiki described Sita or Rama or Lakshmana cooking a vegetarian diet.

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