Monday, January 28, 2013

#188 Can you comment something about Mr. Veerappa Moily's rAmAyaNa?

Question Can you comment something about Mr. Veerappa Moily's rAmAyaNa?
Ans: I cannot afford to buy the book priced at Rs. 500 (equal to my two months' 3g internet subscription to BSNL data card), in these days of spiralling prices. I shall try to get some extracts from the book, whenever I can find something authentic, on the internet and try to connect myself with the vAlmIki rAmAyaNa.
Mr. Moily is a powerful Union Minister. Central Ministries and the State Governments will compete with one another to buy all the volumes of the book for public libraries. Someday, I may be able to glance through them, on the shelves of public libraries. Can you write something about Mr. Narasimhan's (Governor of Andhra Pradesh), observations while releasing the book?
Ans: Here is a quote: ``... The Ramayana, as an epic, belongs to every citizen. The work by Moily delves into the nuances of relationships at various levels, between humans and the larger one between a ruler and his subjects. The ideal life of ‘Maryada Purushottama’ Ram has something for everyone to learn from. ...``
What sort of maryAda purushottama (the best human of great etiquette and inter-personal conduct) was rAma, can be seen from his slaying SambUka, a fourth-caste youth, simply because SambUka had the courage to undertake penance, which the rulers and priests was reserved only for themselves. A brahmin complained to rAma that SambUka undertook penance and consequently his son died. rAma immediately went to danDakAraNya on his pushpaka aircraft where SambUka was doing penance and beheaded him without at least hearing his side of things (audi alterim partem).
What sort of maryAda purushOttama was rAma, we can see from his mounting on the shoulders of hanuman, who was a scholar well-versed in vEdAs. Besides, hanumAn was a Minister in sugrIva's Cabinet. lakshmaNa mounted Prince angadA. Prince angada had no alternative except to carry lakshmaNa on his shoulders for 1500kms. kishkindha to lanka (which most Indians believe as today's srIlanka). It was nothing but slavery-- the slavery comparable to the slavery imposed on black slaves brought from Africa, by the Europeans.
Question: Can you write something about the observation made by Ms. Pratibha Ray, jnAn pITh awardee and Odishi writer, at the book-release ceremony?
Ans: Here is a quote:
``In his book, the character of Lakshmana becomes the hero. The narrative provides a different perspective touching upon various issues such as sexual oppression of women.``

Whether lakshmaNa becomes hero or rAma becomes hero, is immaterial as far as common people are concerned. It is just like this: Whether rAhul gAndhi becomes PM or whether priyAnka becomes PM or Robert Wadhra becomes PM, may be immaterial for the poor of India, as long as there are politicians to carry ruling clans on their shoulders and as long as there are voters lacking evaluating capabilities.

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