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167 Was rAmA born on January 10, 5114 BC?

Question: Do you agree with the calculation that Rama was born on Jan. 10, 5114 BC?

Ans: (yb's personal views)
Internet is ablaze with the I-SERVE Planetarium Software Calculations, that Shri rAmA was on born on Jan. 10, 5114 B.C.
T.V. Channels are hammering with the news that rAmA is now a historical figure.

*Computational software are based on mathematical calculations and we can expect exactitude as per as calculations are concerned. Hence we need not dispute the date.

*We need not be adamant that rAmA was not a historical figure. He might have ruled his kOsala kingdom or ayOdhya town/city. But the usual evidences copper plate inscriptions / stone inscriptions / temple walls / forts etc. might have been lost with efflux of time.

*Question: Lunar month caitra (the month in which, the moon will be in conjunction with the star citta [spica in constellation virgo] on the full moon day) comes in March/April every year. How can it come in January?

yb's explanation: In 5114, the caitra month might have come in January. Zodiac starts with the star alpha aries (asvin) and ends with the star rEvati in the constellation Pisces. In the Hindu Indian callenders, the equinoxes, winter solstice, and summar solstice seem to have moved and have been moving continuously, albeit at a very minute pace.

For example, according to western astronomy, winter solstice (longest night) falls on Dec.21/22 and the Sun starts on a return journey from the constellation, capricorn. In the Hindu calendar, we are still celebrating it on January 14 i.e. a forward movement of 24 days. If a forward movement of 24 days can take place over some centuries, a forward movement of 90 days (Jan 10 to April 10) is not impossible. I am not confirming this theory. I am just indicating a possibility of caitra coming in January in days gone by.

Question: According to Hindu traditions, Rama was born in 2nd of the 4 ages i.e. trEta yuga (the Era of three feet), the length of which was 1.7 million years. Then, the 3rd age dvApara yuga (The era of two feet) has to expire. It was 1.2 million years. In the 4th age kaliyuga (The era of evil), we have gone through another 5,000 years. Total comes to nearly three million years. 5114 is just 7000 years ancient. We cannot accept this outrageous reduction in the period.

Ans: 1.7 years and 1.2 years are too long periods to measure, by Indians and Hindus. They are just the creations of temple scripture preachers.

What is this three feet and two feet, you have written above:
According to temple preachers, the Goddess of Righteousness and Virtue has four feet, like a cow. It walks with four feet i.e. with full strength during the krita yuga, the first age. Then the 2nd era, trEta yuga will start. The Goddess loses one foot of virtue, and limps with three feet. Ramayana Age.

Next follows, the 3rd era, the dvApara yuga. The Goddess of Virtue walks with two feet, losing one more foot. More lies and more sins. Mahabharata Age.

Now, the last Age 'kali yuga' starts. The Goddess loses its third foot, and barely walks with only one foot. There is only evil everywhere. We have already gone through nearly 5,000 years in the fourth Age i.e. kali yuga.

This story has only a fantasy value. It is just a figment of imagination.

summary: We need not dispute the computation of Jan. 10, 5114 BC, till contrary evidence is available.

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