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#157 Case of ayOdhya sAgarpUr pancayat - madhubani Dt. - bIhar

After completing about 100 posts at this blog, searching and scanning vAlmiki rAmAyaNa like a person suffering from O.C.D., I developed a hunch that faizAbad ayOdhya might have been ayOdhya-2, the cApital of rAma, after his coronation. I started feeling that ayOdhya-1 of rAma's birth, wedding, kaikEyI's scheme etc., must have been somewhere to the East of Chapra-buxar i.e South bIhar. Or further south i.e. jharkhand, west orissa.

After coming to know that renowned historian, late H.T. Sankalia opined that rAmayaNa's locale was chOTA naGpur region of bIhar (now jhAkhand), my hunch or obsession has become deeper and irresistable.

As a part of that obsession, I, first identified ayOdhyaganj in bIhar as possible ayOdhya-1. It failed, because the naming of that place was said to be in the name of a local ruler, ayOdhya Singh.

I, then examined the ayOdhya hills, in purUlia District, West Bengal. Same problem, of the place being named by a local ruler, ayOdhya Singh.

Here, we have another ayOdhya, panchAyat sAgarpUr, panDaul block, madhubani District, bIhar. No place-history was available for this village, unfortunately.

I provide a link to the map of the ayOdhya in sAgarpUr-panDaul, madhubani, bIhar.

This site also contains places of interest in madhubAni. Nothing, we can find about ayOdhya or sAgarpUr. There is something about panDauli.

Favorable points which support the case of ayOdhya-sAgarpUr as ayOdhya-1
This ayOdhya is adjacent to sitAmarhi Dt., the birthplace of Sita. madhubani's North is nEpal, very near to janakpur, said to be mithila. valmikinagar is also nearby.

tAdkavan (The forest of tATaka), siddhAsram (hermiTage of viSvAmitra) are not far away. It may be recalled, that as per vAlmiki rAmAyaNa, viSvAmitra left his siddhASram- with rAma-lakshmaNas, towards mithila (janakpur?) followed by 100 carts. These places are nearer to bihar's ayOdhya when compared to faizAbad ayOdhya.

Sage gautama's hermitage was also nearby.

Unfavourable points:
Where is the sarayu? Where is the ganga?

This post will be subject to further revision, after getting more evidence.

In the next post, I shall write about ayodhya-nIlgiris- bAlasore District, orissa.

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