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#120 Whose was the entire Earth? kashyapa's? RavaNa's? IkshvAku's?

Vol. 1 - bAlakAnDa - Volume of Childhood of Rama
kaashyapaaya mayaa dattaa
yadaa puurvam vasundharaa
vishayE mE na vastavyam
iti maam kaashyapo abraviit.

Shri Rama married Sita in Mithila, after breaking the bow of Siva. SitArAma kalyANam was complete. Dasaratha and Janaka were finger-combing their beards, while trying to ward off sleep on-to their eyelids. Sage ParasurAma visited Mithila, Handing over his VishNu bow, parasurAma challenged Shri Rama to wield the ViShNu bow.

Rama wielded the bow with ease, as the VishNu power of parasurAma got transferred to Shri Rama through the bow, when the bow was handed over to him.

Astonished and subdued, parasurAma spoke the above words.

Once, I donated the entire earth to Sage kAsyapa. As the entire Earth became kAshyapa's domain, he said that I could not reside on it.
(Then he shifted to MahEndra mountain which was considered as ethereal (beyond earth)).

What was this entire earth? Did it include Europe, Africa, North America and South America?
If the entire earth belonged to kashyapa, how did rAvaNa conquer the three worlds? Did rAvaNa challenge kashyapa? Was there any encounter between kashyapa and rAvaNa at any time?

parasurAma's claim was similar to rAma's claim, who said after slaying vAli:

kishkindhA kAnDa Book 4, Chapter 18 - verse 6

ikSvaakuuNaam iyam bhuumiH
sa shaila vana kaananaa
mR^iga pakSi manuSyaaNaam
nigraha anugraheSu api.
This earth belongs to ikshvAkus. These hills, forests, animals, birds, humans,-- Only IkshvAkus alone are competent to favor or control them.

Did ikshvAkus consult Sage kashyapa before declaring that the entire Earth belonged to them? Was there any encounter between ikshvAkus and kashyapa?

If the entire Earth belonged to ikshvAkus, did Janaka, the ruler of Mithila and father of Sita, a feudatory of Dasaratha? Did Janaka ever pay any tribute to Dasaratha? How about the king of kEkaya kingdom? Was he subordinate to Dasaratha?

Everybody, claiming the Earth as his own, reminds me of the arrogance shown by the white European settlers on native Americans (to call them American Indians is trash), and the blacks in Africa. Every piece of land, the Europeans claimed as their own and fought among themselves, while at the same time suppressing the native Americans and native Africans.

Even today, that habit persists. United States claims that the entire Earth belongs to it and imposes sanctions on every country in this world. France and U.K. are its attendants.

RamAyaNa and mahAbhArata cultures were part of the Indo European culture, imported from (or exported to) Scandinavia, Old Prussia, Latvia and Lithuania. No wonder, therefore, that Aryan dialogs echo the Euro-American dialogs.

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