Sunday, October 04, 2009


1. To Answer questions on Valmiki Ramayana from the original text. These questions are ducked over by speakers and experts on Ramayana, because these answers are considered sacrilegious and will not help in getting listeners. Financially, these blogs are not viable. The temple authorities, Press and TV channels are afraid of touching these delicate issues because they do not help increase visitors and revenue.

2. To prevent innocent people (who have not read complete original Ramayana), from being misled by Godmen who exploit the gullible devotees for collecting donations.

3. I often get advice from readers:"Won’t you find anything good in Ramayana? Why do you always find fault with Ramayana?"
Ans 1: The need for finding faults is arising only because we are asked to behave like Rama or Lakshmana. Women are asked to behave like Sita. The traditional writers and speakers show Kausalya as 100% good and Kaikeyi as 100% bad, whereas people are slaves of circumstances. It has therefore become necessary to search truth by digging deep.
Ans 2: Valmiki wrote 24,000 verses of Ramayana. At least 1,000 verses contain beautiful descriptions of nature, the seasons. These verses in their aesthetics compare well with the poetry of Wordsworth and other nature poets. Better we say that their works are to be compared to the verses of Valmiki in view of their ancestry. The Ramayana speakers and writers ignore them because they are driven by a blind desire to convey only religious preachings. They are not interested in other things. If I pick the nature poetry of Valmiki, this blog becomes very lengthy and turn out to be unreadable.

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ndas said...

learn more sanskrit, get non british authentic edition,

main thing is the lense of western philisoper that you have applied to your eyes --- cat see a remedy

stick to philosophy, translating stay out history