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#087, Rama!- Human mind is unstable, though Bharata takes you as his model

2-4-26, 2-4-27, Sanskrit Verse
Kaamam khalu sataam vruttee bhraataa tee bharataha sthitaha
jyeshht`haanuvartii dharmaatmaa saanukroosho jiteendriyaha
kintu chittam manushhyaan`aam anityam iti me matihi
sataam ca dharmanityaanaam krutashoobhi ca raaghava

Dasaratha told Rama to get ready for the Coronation.

Your brother Bharata is a follower of his elder brother (you). He is righteous, empathetic and conquerer of senses. Yet, human mind is unstable. The best of the people can behave impulsively, inexplicably and unpredictably.

2-25-23 , Sanskrit Verse
Viproshhitashcha Bharatoo
yaavadeva puraaditaha
taavadeva abhishhekaste
praaptakaaloo mato mama.

"Before which time Bharata returns from distance, within that time your coronation should happen. This is my opinion."

Why should the coronation take place when Bharata is distant and completed before his return? Dasaratha was expecting impulsive obstruction from Bharata. If Rama did not foresee any obstruction from Bharata and was fully confident of Bharata’s consent, he should have said to his father: ‘Father, please do not doubt Bharata. He will not object to my coronation. Why do you suspect his change of mind?’ Rama does not object. In verse 28, he saluted his father and went home.

Verse 24 provides further clue. Dasaratha said to Rama that his well wishers should guard him alertly from all directions, as for such type of functions, there will be obstacles. Dasaratha is foreseeing obstacles because probably because internecine quarrels for throne were common.

In verse 43 Rama tells Lakshmana: ‘Lakshman`a imaam mayaa saardham prashaadhi tvam vasundharaam’ (Lakshmana! Pl. rule this earth jointly with me). Rama does not say ‘All of us four shall rule this Earth jointly.’ Rama ignores Bharata in ruling the Earth. In Verse 44, Rama entreats Lakshmana to rule the Kingdom and enjoy it.

In Chapter 7, verse 26, Mandhara, Kaikeeyi’s maid alleged that Dasaratha sent Bharata to Bharata’s relatives’ house in the dawn, with a premeditated plan of installing Rama on the throne without hindrance.

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M G Hariharan said...

Dasaratha wanted Rama to get crowned immediately when Bharatha was not present. Why he did not rebut this and give his feelings refer to sloka 2-1-23. Many times he kept his feelings to himself. When Dasaratha the king was telling him it is his decision and Rama should only follow it. So also when he is asked to go to forest, he silently complies. When he is in the presence of Lakshmana he asks him to be his mate in ruling there is n need for him to include Bharatha and Shatrugna also. Infact when Bharatha himself comes and asks to return he refuses and asks Bharatha to rule for 14 yrs until he returns. What more is needed. Regarding sloka 2-7-26 there is misunderstanding Bharatha was not sent at dawn but Rama is to be crowned at dawm. Bharatha is already very far away in the Khandhar. The map to Bharatha uncle’s place is shown, If he had just left at dawn Sumanthar will not have to go upto Khandhar to fetch him. In fact he would have hardly travelled any distance by the time Dasaratha Died. Please check it up