Sunday, June 08, 2008

#085, Sita offered thousand pots of liquor to river

2-52-87, 2-52-88, 2-52-89, Sanskrit verses
Saa tvaam devi namasyaami prashamsaami ca shoobhane
praapta raajye nara vyaaghra s`iveena punar aagate

Gavaam s`ata sahasraan`i vastraan`i annam ca peshalam
braahman`eebhyaha pradaasyaami tava priya cikiirshayaa

Suraa ghat`a sahasreen`a maamsa bhuutoo danena cha
yakshyee tvaam prayataa devii puriim punarupaagataa

Sita, Rama and Lakshmana were crossing the river Ganga in the boat provided by the tribal king Guha. While crossing, Sita prays the river Ganga.

Oh vibrant Goddess! I bow down to you and praise your glory. When Rama (called Tiger among men) returns again and gets back his kingdom prosperously, I shall worship you by offering 100,000 cows to Priests (Brahmins). I shall also feed them with sweet meats and offer them clothes. I shall worship you with 1000 pots of liquor and meat after returning back to my town.

Offering liquor and meat to rivers treating them as Goddesses was a practice prevailing during Ramayana period or the Gupta period during which Ramayana took final shape. Normally, people offer what they themselves eat, to their Gods and Goddesses. Hence, we can presume that apart from Kings, Queens were also consuming liquor. Most of the give-aways were only to Priests and not to others.

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vitahavya said...

if you didn't know in nirudha pasu bandha yajna (which every brahmin is supposed to do once a year), not only goat is offered to agni, but liquor is also offered. the method of brewing liquor (very very very primitive) is also described. all in a day's work i will say,

not drinking liquor is a buddhist prohibition that has been adopted by the hindus