Sunday, June 08, 2008

#082, Rag not enough to cover body, Seven stories buildings

2-32-32, Sanskrit Verse
Sa bhaaryaa vachanam shrutvaa
s`aat`iim aachchhaadya dushchhadaam
sa pratishht`hata panthaanam
yatra Raama niveshanam.

Rama was giving away his wealth to Priests, before embarking on the journey to forests, One Brahmin named Trijata approached him. He was son of Gargi. He lived by digging soil in the forests carrying axe, plough and spade. His wife and children accompanied him. Wrapped in a strip of cloth that could hardly cover his body, he came to Rama’s palace. Rama gave him a staff and promised him cows to such an extent he will throw the staff. The Brahmin threw the staff beyond the Sarayu river. It fell in a flock of cows on the other bank. Rama gave him all the cows.

Having heard his wife’s word, the Brahmin wrapping a loin cloth not adequate to cover him started on the path towards the Rama’s Palace.

2-33-3, Sanskrit Verse
Tataha praasaada harmyaan`i
vimaana shikharaan`i ca
adhiruhya janaha shriimaan
udaasiinoo vyalookayat

People were watching Rama going to Kaikeyi’s palace to take parting permission from Dasaratha. People watched him from seven storied buildings in Ayodhya.

Then, wealthy people ascended mansions and tops of seven storied buildings and watched saw Rama and Lakshmana on the street.

*See the stark realities of poverty and wealth in Ayodhya!

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