Saturday, June 07, 2008

#072, Rama speaks like a hunter and not like a dignified king!

At a place, where just an "I am sorry" three words would have assuaged the feeelings of Vali, Rama and Valmiki waste 43 verse to defend an unjust action (killing by sending arrow from behind a tree, when Vali was engaged in a fight with his brother) as just. Rama’s cruelty can be seen from this verse:

Pradhaavitaan vaa vitrastaan
visrabdhaan ati visht`hhitaan
pramattaan apramattaan vaa
naraa maamsa asinoo bhrusam
vidhyanti vimukhaam ca api
na ca doshoo atra vidyate.

visrabdhaan = standing, resting
pramattan = inalert;
apramattan = alert;
vimukham ca api = in spite of the victim animal looking at something else

Meat eating humans can kill animals whether running or standing, bewildered or undismayed, alert or negligent, even when they are facing away. No sin attaches for such actions.

CRITICAL REMARKS: Rama is behaving like an ordinary hunter who kills animals for meat. He forgot he promised to behave like an ascetic, to his mother. In the beginning to Ramayana, the writer Valmiki wsa peeved when an ordinary hunter killed a bird and uttered a curse to him. Now, his own hero Rama turns out to be a self-confessed meat eating human who will kill alert or negligent, running or standing, bewildered or not dismayed animals.

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vitahavya said...

if you had read manu smriti, it says prajapathi created all this as food. in other words, man is the king of creation in biblical terms. in modern biological terms, he on top of the food chain [an aside: wonder what would have happened if man existed during dinosaur era]