Wednesday, October 24, 2007

#067 Ten Billion monkeys built the bridge?

6-22-77, Sanskrit Verse
Yuddha Kanda
Book of War
Taani koot`i sahasraan`i
vaanaraan`aam mahaaojasaam
badhnantaha saagaree seetum
jagmuh paaram mahaaudadhehe.

The poet was describing the number of monkeys which participated in building the bridge 'Rama Setu'.

After completing the construction of the bridge, the TEN billion monkeys (thousand crore), that too energetic monkeys crossed that great ocean using it.

*Ten billion monkeys at one place!
*Ten times the population of today's India!
*The bridge would have been reduced to powder!
*Some critics claimed that Vanaras were not monkeys, but were tribals. Then it will be all the more difficult to assemble 10 billion humans or humanoids. Present human population on the earth is just 7 billion and we say that the Earth is overpopulated and family planning is canvassed. If the population is 10 billion, can Lanka bear the density?

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