Saturday, August 11, 2007

#035 Pampa-Mandakini-Chitrakut

3-6-17 Sanskrit verse
Chapter 6

Pampaa nadii nivaasaanaam
anumandaakiniim api
Citrakuut`a aalayaanaam
ca kriyate kadanam mahat.

Rama was in the forest. Location: Hermitage of S`arabhanga. The sages assembled there and narrate their woes in the hands of demons who attack their cottages.
The sages said that the demons were on their rampage at the three places 1) Residences at Pampa River 2) Residences at Mandakini river 3) Cottages at Chitrakuut`a.
Mandakini is another name for the river flowing at Chitrakuuta in Madhya Pradesh. Pampa is another river nearby.

The sages are referring to the three locations in the same region, i.e. Chitrakuut in M.P. (There is an impression that the Pampa river is at S`abarimalai in Kerala. Rama is said to have visited the cottage of S`abari to eat fruits from her hands and bless her).

*The Godavari river of Ramayana fame may be Gupta Godavari near Chitrakuut`. Not the Godvari river of Nasik (Maharashtra) and Bhadrachalam-Parn`as`aala (Andhra Pradesh). Same group of sages cannot complain of atrocities by demons of distant places like Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in those days when transportation and communication facilities were sparse.

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