Monday, July 23, 2007

#014, Like Priests who do not disclose secret verses

5-28-5, Sanskrit Verse
Book 5, Sundara Kanda, Book of Beauty
Chapter 28
Naiva asti dooshoo mama nuunamaatra
Vadhya aham asya apriya darshanasya
Bhaavam na ca asya aham anupradaatu
Na alam dvijoo mantram iva advijaaya.

Ravana confined Sita at Ashoka Vana in Lanka. He threatened to kill her if she does not reciprocate his love. Sita laments that she has become a person due for killing, as she is unable to extend her love to Ravana. She compares herself to Priests who do not reveal their secret chants to Non-Priests.

SITA said: "In my inability to extend my love to this person of disagreeable looks, there is not even a little fault. Yet, I have become fit-for-being killed. Just as Brahmanas refuse to disclose their secret mystical verses and chants to Non-Brahmins, I am unable to extend my love to Ravana."

*This verse exposes the secretive business-like nature of the Priest caste. This verse describes them as twice-born (dvijas). The priests do not reveal mystic verses/chants (mantras) to non-priests. (May be it is a trade secret.)

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