Friday, May 11, 2007


2-52-102 Sanskrit Verse
Tau tatra hatvaa caturaha mahaa mruigaan
Varaaham Rishyam Prushatam Mahaa rurum
aadaaya meedhyam tvaritam bubhukshitau
vaasaaya kaale yayatur vanaha patim.

After crossing the river Ganga with the help of Guha,-- Rama, Lakshmana and Sita entered the Vatsa kingdom.

Hungry! They killed four deer by name: Varaaham, Rishyam, Prusht`am, Mahaa ruru. These may be the varieties of deer. They had a quick dinner and spent the evening.


Normally, one kg. of meat may be sufficient for three people, for a meal. I am a vegetarian I do not. With 200 gms. of Redgram Lentil splits, three people take lunch and supper at my home. *Why do three people require four deer to devour! One or two won't be sufficient? In fourteen years, how many animals would Rama, Sita and Lakshmana would have hunted? Of course, there may be some not so hungry days. A deer howsoever young it may be, ought to weight at least 8 kgs. Four four deer, the total meat will be 32 kgs. How could three people eat so much in one instalment?

14 x 365 x 4 = 20,440 deer.

*In the previous verse (2-52-101) it self, sage Valmiki described Rama as HIGH-SOULED (MAHATMA), BESTOWER OF BOONS, GUARDIAN OF WORLDS (LOK PAALA).

*Just two days back Rama promised his mother Kausalya, to live in the forest, like an ascetic. Pl. see post No. 093.

*Valmiki derived motivation to write Ramayana when he saw hunter killing a male Krauncha bird. What motivation will Valmiki get when he sees Rama and Lakshmana who promised to live like sages killing four deer for one meal?

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