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Yuddha Kanda - Book of War
Chapter 3
Eevam aagnaapaya kshipram
balaanaam sarva samgraham
muhuurteena tu yukteena
prasthaanam abhiroochaya.

Hanuman reported his tracing out Sita and his experiences in Lanka. The last verse of the Chapter was quite apt.
Hanuman said: "Without delay, order mobilisation of forces. Let us start at an appropriate time."

Now let us see, how Rama replies. It is in Book 6, chapter 4. The reply is quite lengthy. I shall select the verse which is relevant for the above request of Hanuman.

6-4-3, Sanskrit Verse
Asmin muhuurtee Sugriiva
prayaan`am abhiroocayee
yuktoo muhuurtoo vijayaha
praaptoo madhyam divaa karaha.

Rama said to Sugriiva: "Let us start now itself. (muhuurtee = auspicious time). This is the auspicious time for victory because Sun is at the top (mid day culmination).

*What is the link between victory and Sun's culmination? Presumably, because: Rama belonged to "Sun" dynasty and Sun at the top may be the best moment for him. Rama's hurry is also understandable because he wants to annihilate Ravana without delay.

*But won't Sugriiva and Vanaras need time to collect weapons like maces, swords, some bullock carts (apparently not in use?) ? Won't the Vaanaras need time to visit their homes, bid farewell to their wives and children informing them about the impending war and the care they have to take during their absence? Particularly those Vanaras who went to South exploration with Hanuman need some time to spend with their families. The Vaanaras may survive on fruits. But Sugriiva may not. He is a king. He may have to collect some provisions, tents, fuel, vessels, beds and bed sheets. He has to tell his wives (Taara, Ruma and numerous others) and bid farewell. How can a force for war start then and there itself? For that reason only Hanuman said "appropriate time".

*There is another verse in the same chapter which might have accelerated Rama's decision. His right eye was twitching. It was a good omen. In Ramayana we find men having their right eye twitching for good omens and left eye for bad omens and women having their left eye twitching for good omens and right eye for bad omens. Actually twitching of eyes may be for health reasons. But Rama was not exempt from the superstitions of those days, in spite of his being said to be a great warrior.

6-4-7, Sanskrit verse in phonetic script:
Uparisht`aadd hi nayanam
sphuuramaan`am idam mama
vijayam samanupraaptam
shamsati iva manoo ratham.

Rama said: "This twitching eye of mine is proclaiming that my desire (manooratham) for victory will be accomplished."

Not mentioning right eye, OK. But is 'eye-twitching' enough to move on a war, without preparation? Sugriiva or Hanuman does not tell whether their eyes are twitching or not. What will Angada be thinking about twitching of his eyes? Do the eyes of Vaanaras not twitch?

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vitahavya said...

spoken once again without thinking and knowing. your blog is very clear and your earlier disclaimers No. 000A etc not withstanding this is also once blog/comment that shows your prejudice against ramayana very clearly.

if you had known a little bit of muhurta, mid-day is know abhijit muhurtam (jit = victory). it occurs every day. mid-day everyday is good for all works. that is why order for mobilization was given.

does the verse say at any time that food etc was not collected? don't jump to conclusions.